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We are continuously designing new projects in line with our set mission; program better lives.


This is an online awareness campaign initiated by 9jagreenarena. As implied by the name, the program is designed to provide orientation and sensitization on a basic or foundational understanding of ICT and how it affects the everyday life of people.


In this Digital Era, information is power, but more important than that, is, effective information sharing; which is an essential driver-force for the growth and sustenance of any community.

As we say: "lack of information causes deformation, regression and degradation".

A proper understanding of the ICT sector and the numerous advantages which it offers will better prepare: individuals, businesses and organizations for the most effective utilization of contemporary ICT resources.

In other words; people, organizations and businesses can more fully appreciate and maximize ICT infrastructures and platforms, for improving their businesses and everyday life-objectives, especially when it is towards social good.

This online campaign was therefore designed to adequately enlighten, and broaden the perspective of: individuals, businesses and organizations, on how to more effectively adapt and acclimatize to the various dynamic platforms which the Digital Era has brought on the world.

Also, the many malicious and vicious usage of online facilities for acts such as: illicit hacking, online scamming, cyber-crimes, and 'Yahoo-Yahoo' hustling are intended to be discouraged through this educational program. This is projected to help younger generations more fully appreciate the salient and positive usage of ICT infrastructures and platforms.



After research and evaluation, some important areas of focus for this event where identified, and discussions on these areas where documented for presentation to participants of the event online. Topics included:


Through disseminating of contents (information), and personalized mentorship; the ICT Foundationz (#ICT2day) program has empowered many young people and given them a reason to develop digital skills and use it for the positive good of society.

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START SMALL TODAY (#StartSmallToday)

"Over 70% of Small and Medium scale business crumble within the first three years in Nigeria. This is to say, if you and four of your friends start a business today, only one of you is likely to survive after three years."

StartSmallToday is a free Online event/seminar series designed to encourage young people Start a business (no matter how small), the program also provides guidelines and tips for how their business can be well positioned for growth and long term success.

The program is mostly focused on entrepreneurship development as it relates with business development and best practice models that anyone who wishes to start a business can adopt in today's ICT dominated world. The event was run as a free online seminar for young people (Students especially), and small to medium scale business owners.

At 9jaGreenArena we believe in what this great entrepreneur says; "Success in business requires training and discipline and hard work. But if you are not frightened by these things, the opportunities are just as great today as they ever were- David Rockefeller "


While it is true that starting a business in Nigeria is like planting maize in a desert-like kind of environment; it will take only the grace of the Creator to make it grow. This is mainly because the environment has little or no resources that are aimed at helping the average aspiring student or business person in starting and growing their business.


The major objective for this event is to provide business information such as: implementable Startup Tips and Entrepreneurial insight to Starting and Managing a business in the Nigerian environment. All participants of this online event are guaranteed to learn these and get access to many more resources crucial for small business/startup growth. The focus objective of the Start Small Today event are to:


A lot of young people have been thrilled that the concept of owning their own business is not always as unfathomable and far-fetched as they normally thought prior to interacting with the StartSmallToday program.
The seed of Entrepreneurship has been planted, while it may take some time to grow, its effect and fruits will be felt by not only participants, but by their community and the global village of the world.

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CAREER FOR TODAY (#Career4Today)

The skill needed to cope and excel in today's world is fast-evolving and vacillating towards Information Technology (IT). The curriculums of most Nigerian-African schools are not truly robust enough to provide these skills especially Digital skills.

In comparison to the developed nations, the average Nigerian youth/student is not wholly competent for emerging jobs in the coming economy.

The Career For Today event is designed to provide career guidance, and mentorship for young people. The program can be made applicable to all industries, but focuses more on developing a career in the ICT industry.


The Career for Today event is born out of the need to prepare college (Secondary level) students for beginning their IT journey and how they can build Digital skills that can position them advantageously in the Job market when they eventually get there. Some of the primary objectives of the event are:


Volunteers and Senior Trainees from LinkOrion Technology and Instructors from 9jaGreenArena make appointment with schools and colleges around their community.
They provide: lectures, symposiums, inspirational speaking, and one-to-one career mentorship for students who attend the event. Links to useful resources and DIY platforms are recommended to students interested in learning at their own pace and time.

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